Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time To Moan

Which is something I do quite often nowadays.

Here is the moan: I feel like a jellyfish in a desert here (Stockholm) right now. I feel like there is NOTHING I can do around these times. There are no acting/theater courses to go to, no summer schools around here (unlike RADA, woot woot) no fuck all! Next theater course starts at the beginning of FEBRUARY for fuck sakes what am I going to do until then? And also just a theater course? Jesus christ, 2h a week? A JOKE!

I can't apply to the theater colleges here because for some unlogical reason they require that you have high school diploma... WHY? RADA/LAMDA (or a whole sea of other amazing theater schools around the world) doesn't require it but these swedes think they are sitting on a high horse or some shit.

Why would I go through 3 YEARS of learning geography or history or some shit like that to get into ACTING school? Where is the sense in that? I wouldn't want to step a foot inside their boring establishment anyway. Just take me out of here!

So I am sitting here and there is fuck all I can do at the moment, feels like I am wasting time just sitting on my ass and there is nothing I can do about it really.

All I do is sit down and read my Stanislavski books, watch John Barton's "Word of Mouth" shakespeare TV show from 1984 which is amazing, go watch films in a lovely new cinema I've discovered (more on that a bit later), reading plays (Death of a Salesman was great, I'd love to play Biff not gonna lie), read some other great actor's biographies (like Brando obviously and also Michael Cane) and just think about acting and how to act 24/7.

I feel like I've got a good grip on the theory side of things but I WANT TO PUT THINGS INTO PRACTICE, but there is no where to turn to or go, and I feel sooo behind in the practice department.

1 acting course coming up... thats it. No other good courses to go to, no summer schools, no work shops, no fuck all. If there is, I have grossly overlooked something. And I have to say, just because there may be acting courses out there doesn't mean that I have many options to choose from to fill my times... nay, many of em are very lackluster and I wouldn't waste the time and moneys on em'.

The Dramatic Institute and "Teaterhögskolan" doesn't even offer any fucking courses or summer schools, I am speechless.

I can only hope for my life that RADA accepts my summer school application for 2010. My life will be ruined otherwise :).