Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Website

I will be holding all future blogs on my new website:, see you there and as usual, I won't blog until I have something thoughtful and interesting to share! Thank you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sail or Move

I've been spending and taking quite a few pictures around the Stockholm archipelago lately. Been reading Bernard Moitessiers books since last summer, and now, I've been working, saving up to almost $10.000 and I am wondering if I should move to a foreign city (Paris, Los Angeles etc) or buy myself a sailboat, something in the style of Contessa 26, and just sail the planet for a while... For me it's not such an crazy thought at all. If I did that though (an absolute dream come true) there would be no acting for probably a few years I'd imagine perhaps...

I haven't spoken about acting for a while, nothing to say really. It's such a god damn bore to talk about acting. I've been in a few comercials, met some nice people, not that bad at all.

Anyway, how are you doing? Are you doing what you hope you would be doing right about now?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Lesson In Acting

Ok, i enjoy finding "good acting" in other places than movies. Documentaries are great (observe human behavior) and now and again, youtube does a brilliant trick.

Here we have a person pretending to be British (I assume so based on video description). And if this was in a movie, it would be shown in the same regard as when Jack Nicholson did his "You can't handle the truth" thing. In my opinion, this did it better.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

That Annoying Moment...

...You realize how you could've done that scene better.

Damn, so I went to my first payed acting gig as an extra in a
commercial, all green-screen stuff with 18th century theme, fantastic
and fun, but oh boy is that moment anxiety-inducing when you suddenly
think of things you could've done that would've made a particular
scene FANTASTIC and then you just feel like what you actually did was
shit because of that? Yea that feeling. You live and you learn though,
was also a U-Boat captain, what a sexy outfit!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wish I could live like this, but at the moment I am coward enough not
to be able to, one day when I am sick of this, I'll go and become

"Too lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself.
Ten days' worth of rice in my bag;
a bundle of twigs by the fireplace.
Why chatter about delusion and enlightenment?
Listening to the night rain on my roof,
I sit comfortably, with both legs stretched out."
-- Ryokan

Monday, January 30, 2012

"Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 20

Give up learning, and put an end to your troubles.

Is there a difference between yes and no?
Is there a difference between good and evil?
Must I fear what others fear? What nonsence!
Other people are contented, enjoying the sacrificial feast of the ox.
In spring some go to the park, and climb the terrace,
But I alone am drifting not knowing where I am.
Like a new-born babe before it learns to smile,
I am alone, without a place to go.

Other have more than they need, but I alone have nothing.
I am a fool. Oh, yes! I am confused.
Other men are clear and bright,
But I alone am dim and weak.
Other men are sharp and clever,
But I alone am dull and stupid.
Oh, I drift like the waves of the sea.
Without direction, like the restless wind.

Everyone else is busy,
But I alone am aimless and depressed.
I am different.
I am nourished by the great mother."