Monday, May 25, 2009

Sir Ben Kinglsey

So I've been watching a lot of Inside The Actor's Studio lately with James Lipton. It's really wonderful to listen to these amazing artists speak from their heart and tell us all the things we want to, and don't want to hear. What they have went through and the hardships and heartaches.

One theme that I seem to see is that a lot of the great ones have done a lot of theater, that's the way they started out, which of course makes a lot of sense. A lot of them were absolutely fine with theater and then got in one way or another into movies. This is really refreshing since I have always felt that I think that I would somehow like theater. It seems a bit more over-the-top melodramatic stuff (sometimes), which is great.

I really wish Stella Adler or Stanislavski were still alive. I want to study under them so much it's not even funny. I need to find the new Stella, and the new Stanislavski. TEACH ME!

Which leads me to the topic of this post... Sir Ben Kingsley. First of all his episode might be my favorite of all Actor's Studio episodes. I wish Mr Marlon Brando would've had gone there to but declined for some reason.

Sir Ben Kinglsey teaches us the virtue of PATIENCE. Patience. One step at a time. I'm going to link to the final bit of his episode but you'll find all of it if you click on the youtube window.

The sound on this episode is really low so turn your speakers or headphones up up up.

The first question is great, I'd like you to listen to the second question and answer, at 2:06.

Enjoy and thank me later.