Thursday, May 28, 2009

T-Mobile Dance Advert

A while ago I posted a video where T Mobile made a sing-a-long thingy which was absolutely amazing, it made me so happy. I just sat and sang all day. I really wish I could've been there, but alas.

Yesterday night (not gonna lie, it was very late, 2.30am actually) I found another of T Mobiles great adverts (fuck me, it sounds like I am getting paid to write this... if only mate, if only) this time it was a flash mob dance bonanza in the middle of a big train station and it was as great as the Hey Jude Sing-a-Long. I was so pumped I couldn't sleep so I sat up for like two hours just listening and watching this video and dancing... well in my head anyways, it was 2.30am after all. It made me so fucking ecstatic and happy!