Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Learn Shakespeare!

I can't believe I haven't written about this before, what is wrong with me? This is one of the best things I have to go by regarding how to learn Shakespeare (at least for those of us who haven't gotten educated in it yet, but even so, I am sure even the "educated" ones can benefit from this)

John Barton's "Playing Shakespeare" is like a bible to me, it has helped me a lot when it comes to understanding and reading Shakespeare and I think that everyone who is interested should sit down and watch this. It's only one part out of nine, if you want to see the rest you can buy it online or download from your nearest torrent, I'd recommend buying it of course but yes it is THAT good, this is incredible and I've probably seen them all 2-3 times at least, just keep on repeating all of em'. I actually thought of uploading all nine part on YouTube but not sure if I would get in trouble for it.

I also found this amazing thing a day or two ago, which is actually the thing that made me realize "why the hell haven't I blogged about John Barton's Shakespeare?? What's wrong with me??" It's a director who directs PROPER Shakespeare plays (no conceptual, high brow, far fetched random shit) in New York, in a theater called Folding Chair Theater. Definitely check out his amazing guides/videos about Shakespeare as soon as you possibly can!