Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cecilia Bartoli's Mother

I can tell she is a wonderful lady :)

Cecilia Bartoli is great. I first got to hear her during one of the episodes in The Sopranos with her piece "Sposa son disprezzata" by Vivaldi (which you'll hear by the end of the video)

The reason though I am posting this vid is because of what her mother says at 1:25, and this is exactly how I feel everyday, I've already bought it hook line and sink. It's in my spine, but you (and especially if you are a artist) should know and feel this too. I am this, and I hope you become this as well... or rather believe this yourself in other words

"You must be an artist, and finally, you need a very strong will. "I WANT TO BE!" You must be utterly convinced that you want to be the best! "I WANT TO BE THE BEST!" Only this way you can achieve the results you strive for. It's a matter of great discipline, self discipline... and finally a commanding quality, because it is not easy to face a large audience, so you need quite a lot of things to be a good singer/actor etc"

This is my 100th post by the way, yay!