Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School #2

Keep on trucking. What can I say. Gotto go through some dirt to get to the other side, so to speak. Still no word from Kulturama about the acting class. Getting worried now.

Philosophy is great though... I say that but, I don't find what we are talking about interesting at all. We talk about Ethics and Morals. I hoped we would talk more about the famous philosophers and their theories and what we think about them. But I completely understand why this, what we are reading now, is actually what philosophy is about.

I keep reading stanislavski's book, Building A Character, of course. Almost done with it. I am wondering if this school shit is taking away from my creative side in anyway shape or form. Like I get so desensitized with this monotonous school shit that I'll loose my passion somehow. I swear. It's like when you were a kid and you that that homosexuality was like the flu or some crap like that.

Hope not :/

Like I said, might now study to get a high school diploma after all, might just jump ship next spring, fuck off to Londonland, get into LAMDA or something like that, study my ass off, keep it true to the art. I am not feeling this way at all not gonna lie.

It is a bit of a struggle, never been the school bullshit or 9-5 crap. I want to get into the theater. Am still worried though, what if all this was just that... a dream, turns out I am crap at it, no talent no shit. But then I just tell myself "Don't worry about it, less is more :)"


For all you mofos complaining about pics of myself, jack off to this.