Saturday, August 1, 2009

Konstantin Stanislavski

What an amazing genius this man was. Truly a genius. I really wish he was still around so I could fly to The Moscow Art Theater and see him perform. Done reading Songs My Mother Taught Me by Marlon Brando a few days ago and started on Stanislavki's second book in the series of three, Building A Character. And I'll say it again, the man is a genius. His 'system' is to acting what Einstein's Theory of Relativity was to science. When I come across kids (because that's what they are usually, to be honest) and they don't got a clue who Stanislavki is I fucking laugh at their faces. Desperate idiots who got a hard-on for fame, the red carpet, money, houses and cars and don't really give two fucks about acting at all. Just a means to fame and cash. Makes me fucking vomit.

I got acting classes starting in September that is devoted to Stanislavski's 'system' of acting. It's 2h long, 12 times on Thursday evenings and I can't wait. A bit nervous of course but excited non the less. The question is though... is it going to happen at all? Because if too few people sign up for the class it won't start at all, which is a bit worrying. I've sent Kulturama an email (a week ago) still haven't gotten an answer as to the status of if it's going to get of it's feet or what. :/ And my favorite (but getting increasingly frustrated) bookshop Adlibris won't send me my books that I have ordered, a week ago that as well. I ordered a packet of 12 of Shakespeare's plays, the last book in Stanislavki's series of guide to acting, Creating A Character, and a classic book which I heard should be awesome, The Prophet by Khalil Gibran... Alas. Life.