Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cigarillo On The Roof

Just had one of those amazingly tranquil moments where you just sit down and enjoy the second you are in.

My mate gave me a few cigarillos, so after dinner I went into my room and lit a few candles and thought I'd enjoy one. Next thing I know I thought "ah fuck it, I'll go out to my balcony, don't want to get nasty smoke in the lovely room" and since we have builders scaffolding around our house at the moment next thing I knew I was up on the roof huffing and puffing and enjoy the most lovely sunset.

Not going to lie, wish I had some company in a form of a women but alas, lady jazz was my date for the night. Wish I could take a picture of the scenery but don't really have a nice camera except my celly.

I am definitely getting myself a nice pipe or a few cigars next, until then, these cigarillos will do the trick.

So I want YOU to find a second for yourself, enjoy the situation, watch a nice film, enjoy a smoke (hopefully not cigarettes though tbh) have a nice dinner or whatever, but just love it and live it.

Over and out bitches