Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Has started. And I almost can't wait for it to end already. Call me crazy but I much more enjoy sitting in my garden and reading my books by Stanislavski amongs others, well do acting really, but alas, some things just HAS to be done.

Or do they?

The reason I got involved in school and have to sit down and learn about crap I don't care about is just to get enough high school points to get a chance to get into NYFA. Lately I've been thinking though that I'd much rather like to go to acting school in London and get classically schooled. Ive been looking around a little and i've found LAMDA, and they quite interesting I think, and they don't require that you have a high school diploma :)

Geography is boring. What did you expect. The classes are almost five hours long too, fuck me sideways. One thing that is pretty cool though is the fact that I thought I was going to be stuck in a room with a bunch of wierdo's who can barely speak Swedish. Fresh off the boat so to say. But nay, its a room full of pretty nice cats, and bunch of girls as well, which well... Is a nice change from how my classes use to look when I was younger.

Philosophy is cool, only been to one class yet, going to next one tomorrow. It seems alright so far, and I just love the teacher, Run, I could watch him talk about anything all day long. You know there is a question coming up because he squints like something I've never seen before, like his face ate a lemon or something. Love that guy already! This class is mostly filled with girls I believe which I didn't expect at all. I was expecting a room full of bearded, mid 20s, dudes all with barres. Barés. Bares. Damnit, don't know how to spell it and can't figure it out via google but you knows.

And lastly, and most surprisingly a class called "Project Work" (let's translate it into that basically). When applying to this class I just read the first line, in true Karl Pilkington fashion and thought "that'll do". I walked into first class (again full of women, what the fuck? now I'm beginning to think "is it because of me?"... not really) trembling in my boots thinking "gone and dugg myself into a good mess now, what did I get myself into.. :(" turns out, it's damn nice because its so free! I can come up with a bunch of stuff I want to do. And the teacher are SOOOOO COOOOOOOL (they gonna read this, so better kiss ass while I'm ahead)

Its basically like this. You have to come up with an idea for a project, can be anything big or small. Easy or complicated but you have to start some kind of a project. After deliberating with four other people I decided "If you want to get something done, best do it yourself". So my "Project" is going to be... Get through fucking school. Mainly it's gonna be going through my acting classes starting 10th of September*. Seeing as I haven't stepped foot in school and as you know my goal is to become an actor I'd thought that making a small project out of my first school term in FIVE years and my first ever acting class could be a good project. So here I am. Sitting on my ass :)

This blog should get more pics, I know...

Now I almost really want to go out and besides this compose my book as well! But that would require me to kinda go around the world a bit so not really doable. Its in my "to do in the future" list don't worry!

*The class will start only if enough people apply sadly, but I do hope it'll come through. I'll be gutted if the class don't happen :(