Friday, August 7, 2009

can't be bothered coming up with a title

why anyone ever would want to be a construction worker is fucking beyond me. i rather have a job fucking a poodle.

i am so knackered. kill me already. i got myself into a bit of a hassle the other day. you see we got builders working on our roof. the roof is in shambles as it turns out (more then we knew). and to be nice we give the workers some coffee and cookies, of course. my momz said to tell em' that the coffee is ready and they should have a quick break so i went down to em and told the head honcho this, he goes 'alright' and then quickly says 'hey, i've spoken to your dad and he says you don't want to work :)' and me being a true artist whom refuse to work as a peasant CUZ I AM AN ARTIST MUHAHAR said 'well yea, (i didnt go deeper into why, no point innit) not interested at the moment, and also i'm starting school in 2 weeks so... :)' and he then says (he fucking fooled me good, he got me hook line and sinker here this fucker) 'why don't you work with us here for as long as you can, say until school starts, you can start right now'. me being one not to turn down a opportunity like this i said 'well, why not, could do with some pocket money and save up for New York Film Academy or something' and off I went pleased that I am the only human on this fucking planet who can land a job without looking and doing it IN FRONT OF MY DOORSTEP


three days later, waking up 8 in the fucking morning til 5pm, working on the top of this house with the sun fucking blaring down on us while i am sweating like i am on a fucking desert i wish i could turn to him and say 'listen, the money i get for this, it aint fucking worth it, i'm fucking off and taking a cold shower' but i cant. cuz i can't quit. not a quitter.

the temp up there must be atleast 35-40 degrees. under ya is a totally black layer of tar or something to isolate the house from bad weather, and you have to haul so much fucking trash, i swear to god... there is a pile right outside that is so big, you could fucking build another house of it, and i hauled it all alone, in this weather. i have never hated clear blue skies and the perfect sun so much in my life. first thing in the morning i look for clouds, but all i see is a middle finger looking down on me

fuck me

my shoulders are burnt to a crips, my whole body is acking in pain, i feel like i've been working 72h straight, i got an X on my back from the fucking working overall i have to wear. looks like ive been wearing some kind of silly bikini top. i cant be bothered writing properly, and i havent had time nor any must to read any of my amazing new books that i keep dreaming about.

if youd seen how much water ive drank, no wonder there is a drought in africa, i am drinking all the water they shouldve gotten by now.

on the bright side, the guys i am working with are really really cool, lovely chaps, we fuck about and laugh while skin cancer is looming around the corner, mom makes us damn nice coffee food and i suppose i shouldnt complain. and this has only strengthen my love for acting which i now realized i cant wait to pursue.

you know of anyone that has gotten a job on their doorstep? no? thought so.
while i think of it, i also remember that i got an email from an casting agent asking me if i want to come to a comercial audition (which i didnt get) out of the blue as well, still i dont work

cuz i am an artist

time to watch John Barrymore in henry the 6th

not sure this post made any sense