Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friendship hors d'oeuvre.

Done working. Was a week of nice and fun times to be honest, except for the hard labor but it was a very nice change of pace. Mostly thanks to the boys I was working with, had a great old time, we laughed, have great little coffee breaks under the sun, had some fags and coffee... well I didn't smoke but you get the picture. I got to know three great new people whom I am afraid I won't really talk to that much anymore since the work is over but alas...

I love meting people randomly no where, either here or when I am abroad, have a great ol' time and unfortunately never see or talk to them again. But it is kind of bitter sweet too isn't it? You meet someone great, have a blast and then it's over and it's all just smiles and happy memories.

Flashed my mind for a second, all of these people that I've met.

The hobo in San Diego, he was fascinating. I wanted to give him 100 bucks before I left SD but I never saw him again. Wonder what he is up to now :) Would love to travel with him someday, just trash around.

My boiizz from Grand Hotel, the cleaning crew :) Love those guys, almost get a lump in my throat, a alligator tear in my eye thinking of all the memoraayz we've shared. Papagalo!

Remember that swedish old fella in San Diego as well while we're on the subject. I'll keep him as my little secret though.

And so on and so forth, this is what I want most out of life when I am 85 and just about to die if I get something even as an erection. Just brilliant stories and anecdotes to tell rather then being rich and famous like most people do. What's wrong with those people? I hope YOU are not like that.

Just realized school starts on monday.

Fuck Me.

New chapter in life. I wonder if kulturama will start that stanislavski class, i fucking hope so or else I'd be devastated.

Over and out.