Saturday, December 31, 2011

Very Optimistic 2012

I am quite optimistic about 2012, change is coming about.

Let's celebrate the new year with this tune. I feel like ripping my clothes off in slow motion

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Different Acting Styles

So lately I've been thinking the way actors act and behave in
different kinds of movies. I was watching Lord of the Rings, fine
movie but it got a bit hammy at the end of the first film and it put
me off, proper aligator tears, not knocking the actors but I thought
that is the way actors act in those sort of films you know? I wonder
if that it how casting folks cast actors, PREFERRING people who act
like that, blatant acting, as opposed to say, Streetcar Named Desire
film? Like you wouldn't act the way you do in a film version of Death
of a Salesman as you would in, say, harry potter, or There Will Be
Blood as opposed to some random summer blockbuster films, say Twilight
or Transformers.

I wonder though, I don't think it is necessarily that the actors are
"PRESENTED", what do you think? The idea is highly off-putting. Sort
of like american news casters, the way they talk, if you've seen or
heard one you have seen them all because they are all exactly the
same, it's like a plastic copy out of a mold of each other. Sad.

Friday, December 9, 2011

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Well, I change my ideas of what to do constantly it seems, can't make my mind up. I met the most fantastic girl, maybe around march time this year, was supposed to go on a trip around asia together on a whim... didn't happen, she suddenly disappeared, imagine that. I wonder how she is...

Anyway, I've turned my plans from a nice hippy trip to something a bit more sophisticated, I re-modeled my wardrobe a bit (I suddenly remembered I really like buying shoes), started working out again, healthy 73kg, why not, usually a bit skinny naturally. Think I need to head west, I've been sulking so long in this dready place, acting in Sweden? Come on...

Now only to find somewhere to live. Anyone want to share an appartement's rent? :)

But listen to the music first, amazing isn't it.