Monday, October 26, 2009

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Film of the day, what an amazing piece of film. This is what makes me want to become an actor. The trailer is in french, didn't like the english trailer.

Watch this film NOW.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

La Maison En Petite Cubes + Theater

Really haven't had much to say these past two weeks, I rather not write bullshit and only write if there is something I'd like to say, and not just write for the sake of writing (not that I have ever done it but still).

Not many more weeks left now before my two theater acting classes are over and It makes me sad, because I don't want it to end of course. I am thinking what to do next. I am thinking of finding a BUNCH of theaters around stockholm, either majorly established or totally amateur and just ask them if they'd like to have a beginner around who just wants to learn learn and learn and act act and act.

The big plan obviously is to get into LAMDA/RADA but the auditions and stuff are around next fall I think so until then I gotto work as much as I can.

I am leaving you with an amazing short film, around 15min long that made me cry a little :') like this. It won an Oscar in 2008 as well.

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Tunes I've Been Listening To Lately

Music, just like food and acting, is LIFE. So here are some of the songs I've been listening to lately, I love all of em for different reasons.

I dont listen to rap/hip-hop/r&b lately, for a few years I recon, kinda grew past that, but this one I love for some reason so I'm putting it up here first. I love heavy dirty "buck" rap songs for some reason :D Like Jim Jones - We Fly High, Unk - Walk It Out (with Andre3000) anyways...
B.G. Feat Magnolia Chop - Back 2 Da Money

Robbie Williams - She's The One

Cayaco - No Regret Life, it's one of the ending songs from Naruto series... what? Didn't I tell you that I LIVE for Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?

Might as well throw this Naruto ending tune in here as well because I love it, the lyrics are great too (english ones that is) Little By Little - Kimi Monogatari, GO NARUTO!

Requiem For A Dream - Lux Aeterna, I watched Requiem For A Dream the other day, amazing flick, that mother who wants to be on the game show pulled out one of the best acting pieces I've ever seen, she got robbed of an oscar.

Another Classic songs, Take That - Rule The World, suck it!

And wrapping it up with one amazing tune, one of my all-time favorites Teardrop - Massive Attack

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Change Of Plans?

Getting a bit sick of school. It's pretty easy though and whatnot but since I am no longer planning on going to New York Film Academy where I had to have a high school diploma to enter (which is the reason why I started going to school in the first place) I am thinking of not continuing after this term.

For LAMDA I "only" need to pass an audition + interview and pay em' only 5k euros (as opposed to 20k euro's for NYFA for ONE YEAR) and you can go to either 1 year, 2 year or 3 years (BA). Cheap innit and I don't need any high school diploma stuff so why go at all? Might try to charm my way into my dad's pizza restaurant work there now and again, save up some cash and go!

Should talk to my dad about this, I am getting more and more into this idea since I came up with it earlier today.

School has been a fun experience though I am not going to lie. The people I've met have been a better surprise then I'd thought. I was imagining this dark room filled with 30 year old barely-speaking-swedish immigrants but nay, quite the opposite. Some young, cool, fun people. And if anything I at least made one good friend out of the whole thing (not that I am looking for friends but this girl is cool)

So shall I keep studying? Not sure, might not if I land a job. School in general is not bad, I'd go through the whole lot and get a Ph.D. if I wanted to but I am an artist and that's where my heart lies (and my belly) I just want to get into a full-time school for acting (or working obviously), 4h a week isn't enough. You get into class, you have some fun, you look up at the watch and it says that 2.15h already passed...

We'll see though.

PS: About that cigar earlier. I actually went through the bin, chopped the mangled piece off (which was the top) saved it, went to get a nice pizza and on my way home I had myself a nice cigar =)

Fall is incredible.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Times

...has come around. I love the fall season. It's so beautiful, especially where I live, it's trees all over the place so you get the whole shade from green to orange as the leaves keep on falling, can hardly describe it with words really. I wish I had a nice camera to take some pictures.... but alas.

I just tried to smoke my first cigar, it went to shits. Lesson #1 get a proper effing lighter. I used up like 20 matchsticks trying to get it going and then only half succeeded. I may need to get a gas lighter or something, and I need to get a new cigar because I had to toss this one, FAIL. Wasn't that expensive though so it's alright I suppose.

Besides the beautiful fall and the failed cigar attempt life just keep on trucking. I need to fill out my days a little bit more I recon. Sometimes I get bored out of my mind, especially on the weekends when I am totally free. I am thinking of getting driving lessons on the weekends. I need to push this driving license thing in order to get it done before new year and in time for one of my classes called "Project Work".

Acting classes are brilliant as usual. 4hours a week isn't enough though man, fuck... I want to go and audition for LAMDA (or RADA one day, in my dreamz) next spring but the question is, can you get in with only three acting classes below the belt. I know it's mostly about talent but still. Sometimes you got to use your head and not your bollocks. IF I do for some reason get accepted to LAMDA, I think three years acting (Bachelors Degree in Arts, BA) the question is if I can get a place to crash at, I hope I can push it with some people Alex's knows and hopefully with himself as he study in Uni.

Ah plans and ambitions, never failed me once :).