Sunday, October 11, 2009

Change Of Plans?

Getting a bit sick of school. It's pretty easy though and whatnot but since I am no longer planning on going to New York Film Academy where I had to have a high school diploma to enter (which is the reason why I started going to school in the first place) I am thinking of not continuing after this term.

For LAMDA I "only" need to pass an audition + interview and pay em' only 5k euros (as opposed to 20k euro's for NYFA for ONE YEAR) and you can go to either 1 year, 2 year or 3 years (BA). Cheap innit and I don't need any high school diploma stuff so why go at all? Might try to charm my way into my dad's pizza restaurant work there now and again, save up some cash and go!

Should talk to my dad about this, I am getting more and more into this idea since I came up with it earlier today.

School has been a fun experience though I am not going to lie. The people I've met have been a better surprise then I'd thought. I was imagining this dark room filled with 30 year old barely-speaking-swedish immigrants but nay, quite the opposite. Some young, cool, fun people. And if anything I at least made one good friend out of the whole thing (not that I am looking for friends but this girl is cool)

So shall I keep studying? Not sure, might not if I land a job. School in general is not bad, I'd go through the whole lot and get a Ph.D. if I wanted to but I am an artist and that's where my heart lies (and my belly) I just want to get into a full-time school for acting (or working obviously), 4h a week isn't enough. You get into class, you have some fun, you look up at the watch and it says that 2.15h already passed...

We'll see though.

PS: About that cigar earlier. I actually went through the bin, chopped the mangled piece off (which was the top) saved it, went to get a nice pizza and on my way home I had myself a nice cigar =)

Fall is incredible.