Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hope Leaves The Theater

You guys are fucking lucky I am around you know that? Fucking fell on your feet when you found this blog you people.

I was chilling by the balcony with the door slightly slanted smoking a cigar and listening to Chekhov's "Swan Song", it's like 18 minutes long and it's so lovely, it's like me 50 years from now and you can find it and enjoy the hell out of it on the closest torrent tracker near you.

But I actually made this blog entry to let you know about Charlie Kaufman's radio theater with Meryl Streep among others, check the youtube description for the full cast and other details but this thing is brilliant. Skip the first two videos in the playlist, it's another radio theater but it's only two parts out of 12. So listen to Hope Leaves The Theater :)

If you wish, you can download both of these audiobooks/radio theater from Charlie Kaufman's website! Highly recommended!


Update: Having listened to "Sawbones" now too, it turns out it was really just two parts long rather then what I thought 12, because my .mp3 from Charlie Kaufman's homepage was 1h 20min long, but I didn't know it was Sawbones + Hope Leaves The Theater together :). So enjoy em' again.