Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mein Kampf

So I went to a reading/audition yesterday to for a play by George Tabori called "Mein Kampf" directed by the german director Christian Tietz. I got an email so I signed up and went to god knows where on the outskirts of somewhere and ended up in a dungeon basically.

There is a difference between amateur theater and AMATEUR theater innit? One is with a bunch of young hopefuls with brilliant ambition like me, and the other one is people who have fuck all to do and think "ah fuck it, i'll try some of this in my old age"... sadly this was the latter, fuck me. I was the youngest one there BY FAR, at 24 years young, I could've been these peoples grandson, no joke. Everyone was retired and I could smell someone cooking up a huge batch of onion soup in the room next door to feed everyone "just like when I was young" -_-.

Sadly this immediately halted my hopes of working further with this play because I didn't want to go through the hassle of someone having a heart attack in the middle of the play, which is sad because on the face of it, it seemed very cool. I play a 20-something year old hitler who tries to get into art school, fail, and decide to hop into politics (I bet those who were in charge of administration in that art school are kicking themselves now). And working with this nice german director (coincidence? I think not :))... At least I went and had a look and had a go, which is what counts because I knew that I would regret not going otherwise.

Uh this town is so dead, it's going to be a struggle and take a few years I'd imagine to get out of this place, get into acting school somewhere where I DON'T speak swedish (because speaking swedish for me is so boring, like pulling teeth, no feeling of film/acting in it). It's going to take a while... hopefully I don't hang myself until then.

Keep on truckin' and stay in there hopeful.