Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learn To Play An Instrument

I want to learn to play at least one instrument in the not so distant future, I can't decide wich one to go for though, I am thinking either a violin, a piano or a cello.

A friend made a good point that violin is an instrument that goes better with other instrument then alone, but with cello and piano you could play it solo so yeah, that might narrow it down the options.

Music is something that can't be explained with words, it just does something to a person doesn't it. For several years I've been in love with classical music, not ALL classical music but the ones I've found over the years, like Chopin, Cecilia Bartoli's "Sposa son disprezzata", too many soundtrack pieces which has violin and piano (and the alikes) to mention etc. I keep going through the imaginary motions of playing the piano with my fingers of the violin/cello with my hands and arms over and over again, of course completely wrong because I have no idea how to play for real but you get the gist.

Violin, cello or piano. I'll make my mind up sooner or later. Leaning towards the piano right now though.

Addendum: What about the trumpet? Is there anything more jazzy and suave/sexy then that? Maybe not. Anyone who has listened to Michael Bublé's "My Funny Valentine" from his album "With Love" knows what I'm on about.