Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Times

...has come around. I love the fall season. It's so beautiful, especially where I live, it's trees all over the place so you get the whole shade from green to orange as the leaves keep on falling, can hardly describe it with words really. I wish I had a nice camera to take some pictures.... but alas.

I just tried to smoke my first cigar, it went to shits. Lesson #1 get a proper effing lighter. I used up like 20 matchsticks trying to get it going and then only half succeeded. I may need to get a gas lighter or something, and I need to get a new cigar because I had to toss this one, FAIL. Wasn't that expensive though so it's alright I suppose.

Besides the beautiful fall and the failed cigar attempt life just keep on trucking. I need to fill out my days a little bit more I recon. Sometimes I get bored out of my mind, especially on the weekends when I am totally free. I am thinking of getting driving lessons on the weekends. I need to push this driving license thing in order to get it done before new year and in time for one of my classes called "Project Work".

Acting classes are brilliant as usual. 4hours a week isn't enough though man, fuck... I want to go and audition for LAMDA (or RADA one day, in my dreamz) next spring but the question is, can you get in with only three acting classes below the belt. I know it's mostly about talent but still. Sometimes you got to use your head and not your bollocks. IF I do for some reason get accepted to LAMDA, I think three years acting (Bachelors Degree in Arts, BA) the question is if I can get a place to crash at, I hope I can push it with some people Alex's knows and hopefully with himself as he study in Uni.

Ah plans and ambitions, never failed me once :).