Monday, December 28, 2009

Sky's The Limit

I am so pumped for life right about now, I am THIS close to going hog-ass wild and living life to the extreme. There is so incredibly much out there that I want to do that I am having a hard time sitting still right now,.

What has come over me all of a sudden you think... Top Gear. Top gear has these special shows now and again and they travel around a part of the world. This time (season 14 episode 6) they went around south america and I am sitting at home watching... FUCK THAT. I CAN DO THAT TOO! What is stopping me? NOTHING. There is no reason why *I* cannot do that as well.

And on a different point, I'll show you acting used to be once upon a day, not these kiddies who run around the screen these days and think they are the bee's knees.

This is what I want to bring to the masses some day in the future, with a bit of luck and patience. I give you Peter O'Toole, witness what PROPER acting is, this guy hasn't been nominated for EIGHT (count em') oscars for nothing. Although I must say, I don't really give a dogs bollocks about award ceremonies and fluff like that, nothing to wish for.