Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Count Your Blessings

I just done reading a bit about Anton Chekhov on wikipedia and this passage moved me;

"In 1892, Chekhov bought the small country estate of Melikhovo, about forty miles south of Moscow, where he lived until 1899 with his family. "It's nice to be a lord," he joked to Shcheglov;[17] but he took his responsibilities as a landlord seriously and soon made himself useful to the local peasants. As well as organising relief for victims of the famine and choleraoutbreaks of 1892, he went on to build three schools, a fire station, and a clinic, and to donate his medical services to peasants for miles around, despite frequent recurrences of his tuberculosis.[10][29][57]"

That is what money is for isn't it? I absolutely hate all these mother fuckers around the world that go around and spend money on several mansions and tons of cars... FOR WHAT? These fuckers make me sick, the sooner they die out, the better. The world need more of Chekhov's. He moved to a place, and built it up like a hero, this is the type of human that makes up for 99.9% of everyone else on this planet.

As I am going down to the kitchen are and seeing the absolute snow storm outside (I've never seen anything quite like this, its almost scary) I keep telling myself that I fell on my feet when I was born into this world. I am incredible lucky and fortunate and I feel like I have done nothing do deserve it, and I am enjoying every day of it to the max because I have this paranoia in my brain that says this all will go away by a month so enjoy the hell out of it kid. I was just looking out the window and thinking of everyone who aren't as fortunate...

Counting the blessings everyday.