Sunday, December 13, 2009


Translated into "The Film house" in english, anyway, I found this amazing place around two months ago and I've found my new hang-out place. I adore this place.

They show old classic films that you would never come across, films from the 40's all the way to the 2000's, not just american movies, nay, a lot of european as well, so there is a broad style of films shown.

The lovely thing is that it's usually more or less empty so you'd get like 10 maybe 15 people going to this place that has seats for probably at least 100-150 people I'd imagine. So it's almost like my own little secret that, almost, no one knows about. I go there, kick my feet up, enjoy two hours of something great (not always mind you :)) and leave with a full stomach. When there is fuck all to do in this town what else do you do?

The other day me and a friend went and saw a film though, Dead Man with Johnny Depp, we thought why not go to a café before we round things off tonight. As we are driving around aimlessly for a good 20 minutes not finding a single café to go sit at, we stumbled upon what might be the greatest café/restaurant in town tucked away neatly around the back roads of Stockholm. We stepped into what might be a dream.

This place is called "Dell Attore" and translates to "For the Actors" (unless I am mistaken) and was decked out from wall to wall with actors memorabilia. Might have been a sign from the heavens. Imagine stumbling in here as a wanna-be actor in the middle of nowhere searching for ANYWHERE to sit down and chill after a film? Made my day. Had a great pizza, was running my eyes up and down the walls seeing faces I've often (or Of't as Shakespeare would've put it literally perhaps) seen before. Had a great chat about films and monologues with my buddy, and called it a day.

Maybe Stockholm isn't so boring for me after all... I mean it is but... you understand.