Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RADA Summer School

I found my thing! I've been so busy thinking about doing audition for the full-time program that I didn't think about the summer schools!

I found out that RADA has a summer school that is a month long and is followed up by a week long course about Shakespeare, now when I found that out you can imagine that I became very excited.

The process of getting accepted to summer school seems very fair also, you just send in an application and unless you are terrible you get accepted. It's kind of like first-come-first-serve basis, so I am hoping to gather up some cash and send in my application very soon.

It would be a dream to study in RADA from middle of July to the middle of August sometime. Just imagine hopping on a bike and cycling all across London to RADA at 10 am, act like a madman to 5pm every weekday. LOVELY. I am getting more and more excited just thinking about it!

RADA summer school, I'll get in there come hell or high water.