Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Full Schedule Come 2010

Looks like 2010 might be a fruitful year perhaps, as I've lined up quite a bit of work that I hope that I can partake in.

Fist off I've dug around and found a pretty cool acting course that spans from 11th January to 28th of May in a school called "ABF". It's three times a week, tree hours per class and it looks like it could do me good. It's better then just to go to one acting course รก two hours a week isn't it? Definitely!

The issue I'm having though as you'd might imagine is to pay for all this. I'm almost ready to ship an application to RADA about summer school which will pretty much empty my savings, so I'm going to have a nice chat with the fellas at the theater course on the payment if I get accepted which I really hope I do.

I also have Stanislavski acting classes at Wednesday nights as usual, while at the same time going to school. Fuck me.

It would be cracking to get all this going though. Just imagine, acting classes from January to May, Stanislavski during 12 Wednesdays, followed up by summer school in RADA, got to keep it busy you know...

I might have to get an odd job at the weekends to pay off everyone I'm borrowing cash from :) I'm an investment though.

Fruitful year perhaps, wonder if it'll be too much though. What I don't get accepted to neither RADA nor the ABF thing? That would be a huge blow for me. I suppose the question of paying for the flight to London and staying there for a 5-6 weeks is still up in the air. ALEXANDER FELTHAM IV, ARE YOU READING THIS? lol

Still though, must not complain. It'll be interesting to read back at these clueless blog posts in ten years to see how I ended up. Besides acting can't really imagine doing anything else "ordinary".