Thursday, February 4, 2010

RADA Summer School Is ON!

It's official, I got my confirmation letter, come 20th of July, 9.30
AM I'll be at the doors of RADA in London not knowing what I am
getting myself into. It's going to be a very tough and hardworking
experience I think but I am sure I am up for the challenge, I need a
boot up my ass to get me into 4th gear now, been cruising on 2 and 3rd
gear for a bit now, and my appetite has left me longing for more.

My main question now is where to live? I need a place to stay. I have
a idea of squatting with a bunch of other people, it might be very
adventurous and fun, and I don't have to pay up to 300 pounds or more
to live there for six months, hell, If I feel like it, I could squat
indefinitely, hows that for charms?

After the four weeks of summer school there is a possibility I COULD
get into a week long RIGOROUS week of intense shakespeare that starts
the week after summer school ends, this is what they say about it:

"Once you have completed the RADA
Shakespeare Summer School, or a related
course in the recent past, you are eligible
to apply for Shakespeare in Action; a week
long, rigorous work-out with RADA's key
tutors culminating in the performance of
an adapted Shakespeare play in one of the
Academy's theatres.

The course offers close personal supervision
in the context of professional production,
with advanced skills classes and one-to-one
tutorials in Physical Performance and with the
Course Director. Be warned that this course
is exceptionally demanding and should only
be considered if you have strong stamina
and are confident in your ability to work at
an advanced level. Entry is at the discretion
of the Course Director. "

Fuck me, I kind of have to do it, I cannot pussy out, I bet this is
going to be the straw that is going to break the camels back in the
sense that If I can get through this without dying then I really have
made up for the procrastination and depression earlier in my life,
well the procrastination is still on a little bit but meh, it's called
being AN ARTIST.

My only slight worry is remembering my lines (I am NOT one of those
people who can read a script 5 times and they remember EVERYTHING,
more like reading it 50-100 times, no joke) and obviously the talking
english bit too. Although I am very good at that (for a
non-english/american etc person) it's still a bit rusty right now as
you might imagine because I am living in Sweden now and here we talk
swedish and not english on a daily basis, so it's going to be a bit
rusty but I have to plow my way through it.

Also my Stanislavski class that goes on at Wednesday nights have
started, and I'll be attending "Film Acting Technique" with a fella I
have heard very good words about on Saturday mornings, more on that
later though.

If you are not on top of your dreams and chasing em and doing
everything you can right now, try to do it mate. I have no idea how I
went from my deepest depression/procrastination state to where I am
now, definitely deserve a cigar.