Monday, February 22, 2010


I am loving books more and more for every day that goes by. It really has become a new joy for me that I didn't know could be so much fun. It's not that I didn't know but as I grow up and change from my youth NOW books are a very nice pleasure rather then before. I got so many new books I don't know what to do with myself, I don't like to read quick, like some people do. I always get confused when people read out a book in two days or something like that which is completely crazy, I read as fast as I talk, like a narrative voice in my head, kind of like listening to an audiobook. I never read fiction, I should be clear about that, although there are some very special noticeable exceptions but those books are pure legends, like Lolstoy's Anna Karenina, an my favorite book Nicole Krauss' The History of Love, but these are truly special and exceptional. You'll find me reading acting books, well Stanislavski's books to be more precise, and philosophy books. I'm trying to find a good meditation book to read but I am not sure which one that would be... still need to do more research. I am not happy with the level I am at with meditation, I want to become better and be more understanding of the subject/practice, I will in due time!

The books that I read right now are Stanislavski's Building A Character again, because it's my bible (along with An Actor Prepares of course) it's now time to read Creating A Role too, so I am going to do it as soon as I am done with Building A Character. I also read Sophie's World which is a classic beginners book to philosophy. My thing is, I read the acting books after say 5pm (I can't read a book before then, I need to get into the "mode") and late at night I only read philosophy. 

About not reading fast, I don't. Like I said, I read like I am narrating. I also usually read a bit, stop, think about it and start talking to myself (via inner dialogue, not out loud unless I am alone) and have a discussion and maybe try what I read etc then get back to reading. This methodical, very brainy-inner-monologue-philosophical way of reading is great for me, very interesting and I enjoy it more then just reading something from A to B. I guess you couldn't do this with a fiction book though... well I never read em' anyway. 

These are the books I need to plow through, and I am doing it with gentle ease and enjoyment; Building A Character, Creating A Role, Sophie's World, My Life In Art (got a few chapters left, I read this every now and again, I love reading it a bit, puttig it down, reading something else then taking it up again, much like I will do with Anna Karenina) Existensialism, From Dostoyevsky to Satre, might read Art of War soon too, Tommaso Salvini's Biography, History of Love again, White on Black by Ruben Gallego, etc. Sandwiched between these I'll do some Shakespeare (got his complete works by Oxford now) and Chekhov (his complete works is in the mail).

A little footnote, "Blade Runner" has an amazing soundtrack, I am really really impressed, I am going to listen to it all day for a few days if I know myself.

So long, I think i'll do a blog about my way of acting next, because I've been thinking of the unimpressive thoughtless mechanical acting I've been witness to lately that I just realized.