Saturday, September 12, 2009

Talking About FIlms n' Stuff

Every time I see a damn good film, and I've seen a couple of them lately, I always want to just write about it a little, talk about it a little, but I never know where to start. Usually watching a film is an emotional state when watching a film and I am not sure I would know how to properly talk about it rather then show emotions.

Some of the amazing things I've watched lately.

Joint Security Area - By my favorite director, Chan-Wook Park
5cm Per Second - The most touching and beautiful anime film I have ever seen.
District 9 - Just remember, the actor in this film has never acted before, he is not an actor (well, he is now I suppose), still fucking brilliant. Perfect guy for that role.
Ostro Sledovane vlaky - brilliant old film from the Czechs in 1966. Actually won an Oscar too.

Now, I am not really sure where to go about explaining these films and why I am so fond of them, why I love them, why they touch me and I want to shake up other people and just say GO SEE THESE FILMS.

For the first time, words fail me :/