Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back To Reality

Although I am sitting outside in the balcony on the construction crews scaffolding, chilling enjoy the wind and almost turned to God for blessings in the form of WiFi (life changer I tell ya) I still need to go through with school stuff which is almost paralyzing me with boredom.

It's a bit funny how I like to monkey around with this scaffolding. Climbing up and down up on the roof amazed at what nature does for a living. I remember climbing a lot of tree's and "mountains" (what seems like a mountain for a little kid) when I was 8 years or old something. Also remember I used to come home with pockets full of worms I found to show my mom. I put em' in my breast pocket because the only thing I used to wear back then was midget sized shirts :)


I am trying to come up with genuine good ideas for my Project Work course which spans this entire term. My goal is to pass all my classes this term and do well in my first theater class ever. Ive got some other ideas though but they're a bit out there... My first one was to build a "genuine" pizza oven in our garden. Although a great idea it could well end up in disaster with bunch of money spent.

Next idea was to get drivers license which I have been pushing up up and AWAY for a few years now. Shouldn't be too hard to get it I reckon. I drive well, just need to pass the theory bit, and how hard could that be. Might do that actually, drivers license. Don't really want to spend the money though :P

Did Geography test too, haven't received the results yet but I bet I passed easily and I didn't even study to be honest. Thank God for photographic memory.

Still no words from the theater class people, 10 days left, after that, world domination.

I am a man with no small ambitions, expect for a small penis. Alex made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Move to englishland next fall, study theater while he studies at Uni. Living together with his girlfriend the great Holly (name dropping!!!!) I am up for that 100%. Balls to the walls. The problem would be getting into school (audition you know)

I wonder if I'll look back on this in a few years time while I am a bum and hooking myself thinking "fuck was I thinking?"

Ending this long-ass post with jazz. I've discovered Chet Baker and cigarillos, still haven't gotten a pipe :( Enjoy.