Saturday, September 12, 2009

Acting Classes and Stuffs

I don't know where I left off last time but I was knackered for some reason after the acting class on Thursday, bag of nerves. I am a lot more upbeat today though and looking forward to Wednesday. Usually the acting classes is on Thursdays, but I am not sure if it was the voodoo in the air but Vladimir invited everyone back to the advanced classes on Wednesday nights for free! (At least for one class). Although the Wednesday classes are more advanced I think I am going to go by and see if i can at least just sit down and have a look at what they do, better then sit around at home waiting for the next day huh?

I got a few things on my agenda. First I need to get a flipping haircut. I look like Ringo Starr, fucking hell. Secondly I am still sorting out my drivers license thing. Was snooping around the net, not exactly sure which one of the 2000 driving license classes to go to, I just send an email to the one with the cheapest rate. Can't go wrong with that approach. Going on a class about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and I think I'll book a few lessions for driving as well, that's as far as I am with the driving license project though, getting there... slowly. One small step for a man; One giant leap for mankind!. I only have Friday->Sunday do do these stuff anyway.

I am thinking of what monologue to pick for the acting class on thursday. I got a few ideas.

- Introduction monologue from Rome & Juliet (Shakespeare)
- One of the couple of G-Man speeches in Half Life
- A poem (The Solider by Rupert Brook)
- Perhaps even the speech-that-never was by Nixon if the moon landing failed.

I'll sleep on it. I need to get this rug of my head. I want to keep the sides and back really short and the top really long.