Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Acting Classes Updates (Surprise!)

After the first class, I was all nerves. All the nerves has now settled, and it it's place excitement has taken a seat. Absolutely love what I have gotten myself into, not going to lie.

After our first class, our teacher, Vladimir, invited everyone back to the follow-up class on Wednesday night. I went there and a few other people showed up as well, not everyone though of course, but most people. Also in the advance classes there were a few new faces, turns out, not a lot of people at all sign up for that class for whatever reason, it is bloody brilliant.

The basic Thursday classes are just that, basic basic stuff, still I learn a tremendous amount. The number one thing I've learned that I realized just yesterday, one of Mr Stanislavski's golden rules.


I am thinking of getting a full black t-shirt with huge-ass bold letters in the front saying LESS IS MORE, and wear it.

The advance classes are so much fun. We actually get to start a tiny little fun production on a play called "The Love of Don Perlimplin And Belisa In The Garden". Since we are like 10 people there, everyone is going to play a little bit I think.

I've read through the scripts, it's not very long of course, maybe a 20 minute play. And I really enjoyed it and can't wait to practice and play a bit of it, or fuck it, all of it =)

It's a story about an old man, single, probably virgin, who has his entire life been too busy with occupying himself with books, books and more books who is his most precious joy in the world. His maid, Marcolfa, nags Don Perlimplin that he is getting old and needs to get married, but the don isn't too happy with that idea and thinks that his books is the only joy he needs in life. Inside, he really is a hopeless romantic, and the women he meets via Marcolfa, Belisa, is a true slut.

After he thinks that his wife has another man who she has never met, but whom she loves so much more then she loves him, he gets this plan to ruin her the rest of her life, by taking his own life in a epic twist of events.

Some small details has been left out for your pleasure :)

Come Wednesday, I am donning my coat and putting on a little humpback and only answer to the name of Don, Don Perlimplin.