Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thinking Big pt.1

You know, there is a reason for the slow updates, mostly because the weather is so nice. When you sit outside on the knoll of our little garden, soaking up the sun, getting a little bit of color and reading "An Actor Prepares" by Stanislavski himself, having the most amazing barbeque, the last thing you think of really is blogging, but then all of a sudden in the middle of the night you get this urge of writing, it might be the coffee which you can see on the picture right next to my trusty pen and pad which let's me write whatever I wish from soul to paper.

I love and appreciate much more the old things, perhaps they have more soul unto them. 1950's vintage cars, love them. LP Players adore them, my trusty Yashica Mat, love it. I'm going to try to get some 120 size film for it very soon and start shooting some pictures, I've only heard great things about it. Does classic "old" things like that automatically get soul? Who knows but I love the energy and the feel from them.

For my, everything starts in the mind first. Now that I have firmly chosen my profession, I try not to do things that doesn't elevate my in one way or another as a better actor, it's all in the psychology of my mind. Not interested in going to clubs at all, never been though, or do some meaningless stuff that doesn't feed my soul, as Stella Adler put it. I did finish her book by the way (The Art of Acting) thought me a lot of things, things that Stanislavski goes deeper into obviously in his three books.

Books books books. Done reading one, got three more to go. Also trying to find Marlon Brando's own book "Songs my mother taught me", it seems to be out of stock everywhere I look though... what to do? I pray that they get some in stock very soon, dying to read it. Marlon Brando... which leads me to my next point, Last Tango In Paris, just watched it, in fact if you look at the picture on top you can see a still shot from it. When people ask me "Who is your favorite actor?" there isn't a surprise when I don't even hesitate to answer "Marlon Brando". It's not like I got a few people up high on the list, there is only one at the top, and everyone else falls behind accordingly.

Had a nice little session with our local cat, Mr Cat, outside the other day. It's not our cat, we don't own it, it's a wild cat I believe, it doesn't have a collar so it just goes around and does it's own thing and comes around to our place every once and again to get pats and a bit of fish. Some people have it bloody good... and I am definitely one of them. I'm counting my blessings don't worry about that. Look at the picture, isn't he the kings of his domain? Not gonna lie though, it did accidently scratch my hand (as if my hands weren't ravaged enough) and it immediately got infected from it's, what I assume to be since it's a wild cat, very infected claws, it's alright Mr Cat, you're forgiven for now.

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!. We all know that I plan on taking acting classes, 6pm'ish for 2-3h in Kulturama, just had a little look at their website the other day, looks like they put in acting classes for beginners that focuses on Stanislavskies method, if that isn't bloody good luck and a sign from the skies as if the heavens parted and a beam of light struck on my then I don't know what, I'm going to be there come hell or highwater.

Got more to blog but, this is getting a bit TOO long, even for the casual reader, if you made it this far, fucking congrats, now take a coffee break or something. it's quarter to 3am, I got a few more things that I wrote down on my trusty pad but, take that next time, better breaking up this into few parts rather then going on all night.

Love you darlings, bye bye!