Wednesday, January 21, 2009

-_- zzZzzZ

builders in the fucking house again. they started drilling THROUGH my wall, what a way to wake up huh. Fuck me. don't think i have slept well for 23 years now. and they are so fucking chitt chatty too. fuck my life. i love how my dad takes them in and gives them this grand tour as well. and why the hell is the whole fucking house shaking when they drill. EVERY TIME builders come here and start drilling i ALWAYS hear em go "...hmm concrete" after 10mins of drilling and i can feel the whole house shaking and my bed is jumping and moving left 1mm at a time. FUCK ME. which  means they have to drill 30 more minutes. 

Oh it was my 23rd Bday on January the 19th did I tell ya? More about it soon! stay tuned