Thursday, January 1, 2009

FFFFFUUUU 2008, Hi 2009! New Year Promises

Hello 2009, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC, please have a seat.

2008 was bullshit, mostly because of certain someone, but that person is out of my life since a few months back (thank god for that) so 2008 left a bad taste in my mouth, didn't really feel like doing anything but since '08 is over I'm going to make sure '09 will be a lot better and productive.

If anything '08 helped immensely mentally to confirm what I would love to do as a profession in life, acting/producing/annoying and do funny stuff, creative things, 9-5 aint my thaaayyyng nygz.

- Be mindful and appreciative.
- Get a Job
- Do something towards something within acting and/or producing
- Brush teeth everyday
- Be awesome
- Treat my family and friends
- Eat a lot of good food
- Continue with blog since it lets me to start being somehow creative
- See world

I'll add this as time goes on.

It's my sister's Bday today! I gave her a pack of Paradis that my dad got from work hihi the perfect crime, although we got like 5-6 packets of them for some reason :-/ popular dude at work I suppose.

Here is frogger

Frogger made by Neave Games