Sunday, January 11, 2009


Dreams are weird and wonderful aren't they? Don't they say that you dream about what is to come in the future or what you think about? Anyway... I had a dream once, not too long ago, where I was in a film, and we were filming. I'm not going to go into details about what happened because since it was a dream it didn't make any fucking sense at all. But I loved that dream and the "scenes" I was in and what had happened, with the music in the background and all so as soon as I woke up I immediately wrote it all down and I keep it in my little "idea book" =o)) I got a few ideas there now of thing's I'd like to do.

Anyway, my point is what my favorite type of dream is. My favorite type of dream is where I try to escape from danger where I can die! The dream (the small bit's I can remember of course) started of with a few girls giving my huge complement on a book that I had written, a book called The Heart of Dark or Darkness or something. I Wiki'd that and found this and that means that I have to read that polish guys novellas now Since you often don't realize you are actually dreaming I was thinking "huh??" Thought they had mistaken me for someone else but then I realized "damn, wish I really had written a book, how fucking cool..."

Anywho, back to escaping death. I was in this high rise building maybe 20 stories high. And I saw a plum of rubble and smoke coming out of a house like 300 yards away like a rocket had hit it or something and all of a sudden the building I was in was shaking violently, they were trying to tear it down and of course I had to escape that, then escape some builder guy who wanted to kill me etc. The point is, I love dreams where you have to escape death, it's like a video game really :)

What's your favorite dream? Think about it.

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