Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bla Bla Bla!

I always have long conversations with my own brain. Doesn't matter if I am sitting on a buss, having a shower, eating or walking. I am always talking to myself in my own head, having arguments left and right about shit as if someone else was there to talk to, often times I just crack jokes though, as if I was at a talk show or something with people watching me, or having coffe with bunch of new people. I had this complete random convo in my head as I was having a shower. It went something like this...

- We are really lucky to even have arms and legs man, there are people who don't even have limbs. So in a sense, whatever we are up to, even if we don't work we are doing pritty fucking good compared to others.

- Yea you're right, but you don't really have to limit yourself like that. Just because you are better off then most people in the world doesn't mean you don't need to get better, and get an even better life! If you are born in Sweden, live in a big nice house and don't have any major worries you are good off but it's not wrong with getting more houses, more cars and more cash if you can! And if you can YOU FUCKING SHOULD.
  It's like saying "Aww some people don't even have dicks so you should't masturbate" FUCK THAT. Count your blessings AND have a wank, perfect :)

And then I got a little scenario in my head. It was like I was on a talk show, like Conan O'Brian and we were having a chatt.

Conan: Haha ok, but why did you pick THAT as an example? :)
Me: Well you are like your friends are [That was actually a swedish saying "Man blir som man umgås" and that was a rough translation]... *looks at camera* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, GUSTAVO SOTO, ROMAN HASSAS, AHMED BARZANGI, KALIM KHAN!

*crowd laughs*

And that is like some of the talks in my heads, HIHIHI BYE.