Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This day shall go down in history...

...as the worst day in a long fucking time. As soon as you wake up and you got a headache like you've been to the craziest party last night BUT YOU HAVEN'T, you KNOW the day is gonna be full of kick in the balls.

I don't believe in God or anything like that but I believe in karma, for sure, equilibrium. Like if i am all moody and think of negative thoughts about my mom because she annoyed me or whatever, I am defenitely gonna drop a plate, walk into a wall, or something is gonna fall on me. This is boarder line science for me, I can almost feel it coming, so I can hug my balls in advance like a wall of soccer players, so when I do get the brunt force of karma at least my boys are out of harms way.

So I'm in a piss poor mood all day but at least I get my ass to the gym, one place where I can "dO mY tHanGG" and chill out for a bit...

...or can I?

Because as soon as I step out of the locker room I realize that I've locked my keys in the fucking locker which means I have to brutally murder my lock and buy a new one, which maybe seems like a "whatever dude" thing but it's fucking annoying isn't it? Especially when you're day has been shit already.

So I keep working out and think "whatever dude" and I just try to "dO mY tHanGG" as we established earlier. But karma isn't far away because as soon as I am chill i drop a fucking 15pound weight thingy on my big toe, of all fucking places.

DAMN YOU ! ! !

So my big toe is all screwed up, I am limping like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and its throbbing like a... OK let's not get into that kind of innuendos.

The saving grace of the day was that I saw the most gorgeous girl in a long time that I made eye contact with and SHOULD have talked to because she was walking right besides me for at least 200 metes but alas... with the luck I had today probably would've turned out her boyfriend was walking behind me and he is a ex-con or something. Still have her in my mind though, damn!

Getting home and eating my delish food was good though but the day isn't over yet, don't know what karma has in store, maybe I have payed my due's for today.

Thanx karma... asshole.