Monday, November 24, 2008

I am having Hyundai Atos dreams

Ignore the guy to the right, that's Google's work. I am not middle-aged and balding with a green jacket, OK?

People don't know but me and a certain Atos (Rest In Peace) have had a very special bond. It was my friends car that served us amazingly well. This little Atos-that-could took us through rain or shine. Considering my friends are like 100kg each and we were usually three people crammed in the back this car went and went. We should have called it the Energizer bunny but instead it got the honors of being called Mr Bean.

Don't ask why.

I was sitting in the back of that car like a God. That little shit car once took us cross country in complete dusk where we avoided death several times just by the car's will power alone. Not to mention the fact that we had so little gas left we were practically running on fumes. That trip in itself is worth a post someday... maybe... if you deserve it.

That car was like our bat mobile, infact, if it was it would have looked something like THIS (the power of image editor's NEVER FAIL ME!).

So thanx for all the fish and see you later Atos a.k.a Mr Bean, although you deterred all the girls away from us whom didn't know what they were missing, you still is going down like a legend.

See you later, space cowboy!