Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diablo 2 Intro

I never quite understood why Blizzard hasn't made a movie yet. Just check this video out. If I would've seen this video as a trailer in a theater I would've said "That is gonna be a great film!"

I actually get chills down my neck every time Marius says:

"Why did I follow him? I don't know... Why do things happen as they do in dreams? All I know is that when he beckoned, I had to follow him. From that moment we traveled together, east, always into the east!"

End it off with a dramatic music and DIABLO 2 loggo.

I love you blizzard.

I am actually thinking if I should/can use this as an audition for when/if (If I have the guts) to try to roll into an acting school here in stockholm, Kulturama.

More on games later, there are too many gems in the gaming world that I need to share. Revolver Ocelot or The G-Man next.