Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inside My Mind Lately

What occupies my mind lately?

A List;

- Theater/Acting. To work in the theater in England preferably, I am like a jellyfish in the middle of the desert in Sweden... that's how I feel like. I need an outlet for my passion and creativity. Turns out my amazing philosophy/psychology teacher is a huge theater fan, so I've been talking to him about all things theater lately, just to have someone to talk to about it. I feel so miss-places and alone about this issue here right now.

- Cigars. Found a new joy. It really hit home the other day when I was at a friends birthday party. Me and another friend each got ourselves a cigar each and enjoyed the fuck out of em'. Mon dieu. I am going to the "cigarroom" in town in a few days, getting myself THIS package, and I can't wait to light em' up after a heavy dinner.

- New Name. I am thinking of adopting the name "Léon". For a few reasons. The first one might be the obvious one, Burak Köseoglu doesn't fly of the tongue does it? Although I love it privately of course. One of my favorite films is called "Leon", but it would be stupid to name one self after a film, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it because my greatest friend's last name is Lion (in Turkish albeit) so would be an homage to him as well.

Léon... yes why not.


- Money. I am not a person whom is too concerned about money or wealth at all. I've learned from a young age to enjoy the simple things in life and truly, the best things in life are free, as cliche as that sounds. But I need a quick can injection right about these days to move my ass to Englandland and live there for a while so I can "do my thang" there instead of here obviously. Thinking about working my arse of just to amass some cash and go, GO!

- Food & Sex. Not at the same time though, when everything is said and done you need to go home and relax don't you. You can't live in the actor's brain 24/7 that would drive you mad and do you more harm then good, enjoying things outside of that bubble is equally important. I should get myself a girlfriend who can cook, two birds in one stone. Any takers?

One day at a time.