Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calling All Amateur Theater Groups Around Stockholm!

Keeeeeeep searching for amateur theater companies around Stockholm.

My problem is that I am keen that the theater company that I am going to join that they, maybe not to a super dedicated sense, but to some degree use, or at least KNOW OF and ACKNOWLEDGE, Stanislavski's system of acting. I am not sure this is going to happen, try as I might. I have a very dark and unfaithful view of Sweden and it's acting/theater etc. offerings.

Going to keep on looking though, because my last acting class is this Sunday and what after then? Sit on my arse? Fuck naw cuz.

I've been watching a bunch of video's with John Barton and his Shakespeare programs from 1984 with people in it such as Ian Mckellen, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart etc and its absolutely AMAZING. I am almost getting a hard-on watching it.

Still dreaming away about joining a amateur theater company in englishland and getting accepted to RADA/LAMDA... I will do it though one day, not worried about that. I got so much dedication and passion that If I can't do it, no one can.

Back to John Barton and his Shakespeare tachings.