Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I can't find the type of amateur theater that I would love to work with. I know there HAS TO BE a theater out there that provides the "I have to get into that place ASAP" factor but I can't find ANY for the life of me.

It seem as if most amateur theaters, if not all, really are scraping the bottom of the barrel so to speak. The theaters mostly producing very limited, local, small scripts instead of using an easy, established script already.

I don't see the point. Why write something of your own that details a so-so situation in the local are of a place in Sweden when you can do something nice and easy that a lot of people know like i.e the play we used in my theater course, the story of Don Perlimplin, you can even Google it. Or why not something like Zoo Story by Edwin Albee? Or any other of dozens of great plays you can produce, but instead no, they go and write something that shows a boring swedish life, as if it wasn't boring enough. And this is the fact that makes me reject all theater companies to join and sit at home and MOAN instead because I like to think that I think in a more logical, better and a more interesting way instead to be fucking honest.

This is getting frustrating.

I had a fucking flash idea in while having a bath. The PERFECT amateur theater group would be my teacher Vladimir D. exactly with the Stanislavski teachings we had just now but instead of a acting class for two hours a week its a couple of times a week and by the end of it you actually perform it for a bunch of people a few times.

Basically instead of an small acting course two hours a week its instead an amateur theater company, PERFECT.

I should send him a mail about that.

Sweden... kind of a love/hate relationship right now. A lot of love and a lot of hate.