Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cruise Control + Marlon Brando's Book

Not up to much these day not gonna lie. Parents coming back in a week and I do miss them dearly, especially my excentric wonderful mother, I wish I had a picture of her that I could show everybody but she is a little bit shy when it comes to these sort of things, hopefully later, when they get back home safely.

Life is on cruise control until August when school starts... that pesky pesky school. I say so because it's a crutch for me at this point, where I have to study and get points in order to be able to get into NYFA.

I am sometimes wondering if I should just be more realistic and start at something I can study in Sweden but then I take a good look around and say... fuck it. Do or die as they say. Acting classes starting in September though. They are going to teach us acting for beginners with Stanislavki's "System" which I've been reading, so it's amazing and I hope that will weed out the good from the bad. Let's face it, if you're a 19 year old twat who knows fuck all about acting you are not going to take an acting class with a strange name like Stanislavski... "Staniwhat?" Get some serious people in here, nice.

I got my damn book. And I had to go through hell and high water to get it as well. Since the book was printed in 1994 there was a very low chance of bookstores actually having them in, and I couldn't find it wherever I looked so I was starting to loose hope. Then I sent a little email to the wonderful people at Adlibris though and a kind woman actually sent me a link to an antique book site where I was able to find it finally. Was it the charm that did it who knows (probably not, but fuck it, if you can take free pats on the back do it).

I find the book indeed more interesting then I thought I would. I seem to identify with a lot of stuff he is talking about especially in the beginning where he is around my age. I am not sure If i like that or not actually, kinda creeps me out.

He says that he was always fond of watching people, and I find myself doing it a lot of times as well. I was once in a Starbucks in San Diego a few years back, having a bit of a break, taking a breather, when I saw this creapy looking boarderline hobo sitting maybe 2 meters away from this young beautiful asian girl. There were no words exchanged but his body language said it all for the next... half an hour, perhaps. I sat there watching him, watching her, for the longest time. The music that was playing in the backround, some sort of jazzy brazilian tune, was the perfect backround "music" for this "scene. I imidiately went back to the hostel to write this curious scene down in my little book I had back then. I love watching people. They say a picture says more then a thousand words but silence can say a million words.

What do you think he is thinking of?