Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emtying Some Thoughts

I am making a mash up of a few different topics this time, just to lay some cards on the table. We're all friends by now right?

As far as the acting thing goes, mentally it's going great. It's all in the mind for me. "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. ~Buddha". I am doing great by leaps and bounds and I CAN'T WAIT to put it all into practice. The unfortunate thing is though that I've done a bit more research on my voyage to acting school (NYFA) and it seems like my high school degree is gonna take me a year and a half to get (I'm a high school drop out, i'm an artist baby what do ya want from me? more on that later, it's a story in it's own). So that's that as far as school goes, i'll most probably start school in the fall and read about Philosophy, Psychology amongs other things. I have gotten a few ideas for character's one of which I got kinda inspired by a friend of mine, how the character is going to look anyway, Kristina Holmgren and her looovely head of hair. (she's the one on the bottom left). I'm not into any sort of hair fetish but hers just strikes my so beautifully. I can't go into detail about my idea though obviously, rest assured that If i go ahead with it you will like it :)

Speaking of Philosophy, fuck me, I just saw this pretty long documentary about how fucking DEEP The Matrix really is philosophically. I'm not even gonna get into it the slightest because it was so deep I didn't understand half of it. But I'll link it HERE and be warned, if you are neither interested in philosophy nor haven't seen The Matrix Trilogies, then don't watch this documentary. But I gotto say, I fuckig loved it. The Matrix has to be one of the best films in the last decades just for this reason alone.

Oh one more thing, You all must now by now that I am a huge music buff, we've done this man, we've gone through this. Music is everything so I am glad to share a bit of my second passion with you all in my new account, Please do get it yourself (and get twitter also) and let's share some great tunes eh? No? Fuck off then =(

I'm going to wrap up this burrito of a post with posting a video about the man, the myth, the legend, Hideo Kojima himself. The fella that create the legendary game series Metal Gear Solid. Surely one of the best games ever. Interestingly I have a little bit of Kojima in me, in the sense that (as far as I know) when Hideo Kojima was "but a lad", he actually wanted to direct films but he ended up making video games, and most of his inspiration comes from films. I might be wrong here but that's basically the gist of his story as far as I know. I am kinda like that too but in the other way. Most of MY inspirations are from video games but I AM going to make films, great innit?

Here he talks about basically from bottom to top, how he did what he did. He goes through each game and what his thought process was etc, it's super fascinating. Please enjoy.

I better wrap this long-ass boring post right HURR.