Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Soundtrack

The score in a film can either completely make or break a film for me. I mean to the point where I could take a shitty Paris Hilton film, put a brilliant soundtrack on it and... it would still be shit but it would be A LOT better still. It's just something about music that... I can't describe it, but say in a film, its EVERYTHING for me. A film just has to have a great soundtrack or fuck it, might as well delete the whole film it's no point. I don't care if its the Godfather or Titanic, no good score? No point. It just becomes so disappointing, I don't know how else to describe it.

Personally I feel the best soundtracks I have heard has definitively not come from any Hollywood film but rather video games and animes, FOR SURE. For anyone who has ever played any Final Fantasy game is virtually high fiving me at the moment, my love goes out to Nobuo Uematsu. Metal Gear Solid? Harry Gregson-Williams is a genius. Cowboy Bebop might have one of the best soundtracks out there, it's just nuts. The jazzy film noir feeling it gives... Max Payne... we gonna talk about max payne later, I'm saving it for it's own post. If I ever act in a film, or direct one, produce one etc, I am going to sit down FIRMLY with a (hopefully) amazing composer and we gonna sort out magic from crap mates.

Legend Of Zelda
? Brilliant. Oldboy OST? Brilliant. I suppose though it's all relative, since the best songs that one person likes is the one they have some sort of emotional connection to of some sort so even the most trivial piece can become amazing, fair enough. I love the trumpet though, lately it has taken the top stop for one of my favorite instruments, I also love strings, in a big orchestra, obviously.

Still so much more that can be said about a score but, gonna keep it relatively short today, so instead I'm going to leave you with this.

I was wondering, which one of these two do YOU like the most? I love em' both and can't make up my mind.

UPDATE: Jesus fuck, Can't believe I forgot one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard and own. GRIM FANDANGO of course, what else? What the hell was I smoking when I was writing this earlier today. Grim Fandango OST 5/5 easy, one of THE best. And whomever composes scores and stuff for Blizzard games. World of Warcraft soundtrack is just brilliant, I love Blizzard, but I've stated this before.

Muse - Feeling Good

Michael Bublé - Feeling Good