Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Current status

Alright, I'm going to write down my current status so one day I'll maybe look back and say "wow, come a long way since..."

a) Jobless - Doesn't REALLY bother me, would be nice to have a nice job to go to, I still refuse to take ANY job just to get cash because I refuse to work at a place I am not happy with. I am not talking about beeing CEO at a company or anything but say working at Mickey D's... forget it. Not that desperate YET.

b) Didn't graduate what you may call high school - Or it might be collage, not sure. Doesn't bother me either. I just wish that I had found out "what I want to do when I get older" thang when I was 15-16 (or of course even younger) instead of 22, but it's fine =). So I need to read up on a few things and get my degrees which shouldn't be hard at all to be honest. I don't wanna blow my self but I am pretty smart.

c) Haven't gone to any acting classes or schools - Of course, if you have "it" then you do but school is still brilliant, SO MUCH TO LEARN AND I CAN'T WAIT. Once I found an email in my inbox folder. Some casting agen't had found my old profile on a page where you can work as an extra on sets. He sent me a mail asking me if I would like to audition, so I did that. Just the fact that he found my profile that had been deactivated for 6+ months and he still found me and sent me a mail says to me "this is the job for you" "well thank you my alter ego I lurv you <3"

I think that's it about now. I Guess it could have been a lot worse. I am a lot happier then last year, I think it's pretty confirmed now. I had a depression during 2008. Glad to be over that shit. Time to get into school, get degrees, and whore myself out so I can get cash for either kulturama or Nyfa. A long way from the big screen innit. No rush. I keep writing down ideas I have for various film/tv stuff. Maybe one day... maybe babyl

That's it for now, but I aint leaving you without a tune.