Monday, February 7, 2011

RADA Summer School Info For Applicants

Alright, I got this email from a guy who asked my about RADA, so I
sent him an email long enough to knock him out, then I thought more
people might want to read up on stuff, that I may or may not have
mentioned, so here it is. Straight up Copy & Paste, what of it?

"Hey Buddy,

Thanks, it's always fun to help and inspire young people haha. Getting
into summer school and shakespeare in action is easy, trust me. Anyone
really can get in as long as it's not full, and as long as it doesn't
say on their website "Course Full!" or whatever, there are places
left. We had a few people who had zero acting experience and got in,
so that's great.

Same thing with Shakespeare In Action, you just write on your
application (that you get from RADA's website) that you are interested
in Shakespeare In Action (there is a box you tick) and they consider
you to get in. I am sure you will almost 100% get in if you tick that
box and say you are interested.

The course itself it's sort of like this. You show up on day one,
almost 70 people are in line to get into through the doors, everyone
goes in one by one and get's handed a paper and all that good stuff,
you know "Welcome To RADA" brilliant. One one of the papers you will
see your name, and the rest of your group (you are going to be divided
into 6 groups) and your teacher's name on top.

Then everyone get's herded into a big theater where you all sit and
listen to your teachers who say "Hi My name is etc" And you follow
your teacher and rest of your group (12-13 people or something) and
talk to your teacher :-)

My teachers name was Bridget Pennet, if you have her, tell her Leon
said Hi, haha.

You will probably do one of two things. Either one play (but a short
version, we did Measure For Measure, 40 minute version) or your group
will do an assortment of different scenes from different plays.

Here is the thing that might make you nuts though, if you get into
Shakespeare In Action, after four weeks, then your summer course is
over, you get a script for a Shakespearian play on the Friday you are
done with your summer course (after 4 weeks) and it's a bunch of pages
and lines and stuff of course that you have to learn and memorize and
all that until NEXT FRIDAY (aka 7 days) there's a challenge for ya :)

That's more or less it I think, the accommodation via RADA where you
live on Charlotte street 99 (right across saatchi saatchi) is tiny and
modest it's alright, close to everything.

Maybe I should post this on my humble blog.

Good luck buddy, 90% of the kids are from USA and Canada, f.y.i :-) Good Luck."

Waste not want not. RADA, good times.