Saturday, January 22, 2011

From My First Self-Developed Roll Of Film

This might be my favorite picture from my first roll of film that I developed my self. It was a big surprise when I saw the picture, it came out nothing that I thought it would, let's call it an happy accident. It's kind of like a social situation, the big beautiful white swan versus the little "ugly" black duck. The fact that people might see this and think it's just a photoshop against a black background is a little bit annoying though. The actual negative is like this. A good start, I'll probably put in some more pictures now and again. It's a fantastic hobby, goes perfect with acting.

Some of my friends are talking about going to the Hollywoods for an extended period of time during september, should be fun. I've totaly given up acting and matters of such stuff in Sweden. There is no "joie de vivre" here, it's dull and soul-less for my taste.

My dad is opening up another restaurnt, his second now, and expects me to work there. Me, working 9-5 in a restaurant? I think not. The moon in the sky and the winds against my cheek provides me with enough fortune for a life-time.

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