Monday, September 13, 2010

Writing my autobiography... thus far.

I was watching The Last Emperor the other night and early in the film a man gets send to prison where he and everyone else is given a empty book and a piece of charcoal and are told to write down the story of their life so far and confess to the bad things they have done. I thought what a wonderful idea! Why not sit and write a full autobiographical book ABOUT ME that no one will ever read, because it won't be shown to anyone else. An amazing writing exercise I think.

I am immediately intrigued and feel like it sounds like a super fun idea. The idea about being brutally honest to yourself while writing down EVEN THOUGH NO ONE IS GOING TO READ IT is a bit intimidating. I kind of painted this romantic picture in my head of writing it while abroad with my Nikon FM2n beside me under a tree or something churning out pages.   

I think I need to migrate to L.A or something. RADA aint going to work. Theater in NY sounds fun though. Oh, maybe I will write a book about MY theory of acting, how about that? Cheers. How do I go to L.A though? My downside is I am to lazy (read: Artistic... HA!) to work, I think I might pull myself out of my sofa and do it though, how else am I going to go there? If anyone has a couch for me to crash over there, do send an email :-) Words on the street is that I am brilliant to have around, like a house spirit.

Book about myself, book about my theory of acting (very zen-buddhist style) and L.A. Uh... good luck. Thanks.

Reminds me to write about the amazing ITALIA UNO next time. I miss that place already.