Friday, September 3, 2010


Don't get exited, I'm not doing some village-play in Romania. I got a
great friend whom I met in San Diego, great girl, so much fun. She
even traveled around Europe for a bit, same time I was in turkishland
with my parents so we decided to meet up in Istanbul to crash the city
for a couple of days, again great fun! It's been a few years seens
I've seen her last (aaww), looks like she joined the Peace Corps and
ended up being a teacher in Romania! She explained Panciu as this calm
vinyard place surrounded with hills and this peaked my interest. Why
not meed up with the funniest girl on terra firma with my Nikon F5 and
Nikon FM2 (which I'll be getting soon I hope), bunch of film rolls,
books and just see what's what in Panciu? Better to go there and relax
and enjoy myself then stay here and do the same I would've thought.

Still no clue whatsoever about what to do with acting, no chance I am
doing a three year stint in RADA, if I know myself I'll get bored
after a month and start tearing that place a new one. I'd be mistaking
walls for mountains and start climbing them claiming it a new
country... alas.

We'll see where the wind takes me. There is this one girl from an
acting class from early this year that I keep reminiscing about. Now,
usually I never meet someone who interest me too much, most people are
quite a like one another dear I say and that bores me to no end, I
love individuality. This one though had a great energy about her. It
was almost palpable. She had the most beautiful curly hair and a
adorable personality to match, and she smelled like vanilla. Her name
was Julia if I remember correctly, but don't quote me on it, names was
never my forte. Unfortunately I quit before I thought of getting her
number or whatever, humpf...

Romania, how does that sound? I'll spend my last bucks going there and
back and I'll be a man all out of money. Bad habbit that, never got
that urge to make money unless I have I need money for something. Damn