Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 25 list on iTunes

This is my Top 25 list. And I love these songs. A few of em' really should not be there, like Dream Girl with R Kelly and/or How We Do It Over Here with Busta Rhymes. The songs are good, don't get me wrong but not really top 25 worthy, I think I just over played them at one point so they snuck up the list. And yes even Kiss Me with Six Pence None The Richer Is There. what? WHAT?!?!

There are a lot of songs that are not on the list but should be there but haven't gotten on there probably because I skip the last tiny bit before iTunes can record it as I have listened to it once.
I've come across some really really good tunes lately as well that are really fresh (for me anyways) like Alex Morph - Walk The Edge(Morph Woody van Eyden Remix) HQ. I like thoes heavy'ish techno kind of songs, they bring a lot of emotions with them somehow. Probably because I personally link them to some video I have seen or some Idea for a film or scene or something that is rolling in my head.

Vibe Tribe - Carousel

But also classics such as The Thorns - No Blue Sky, Kings of Convinience - Homesick. Amazing songs!

I could go on all day because music is a big part of everybodies lives as a closure I can say that at the bottom of the top 25 list you'll see 2pac - Don't you trust me.

It's probably one of the greatest songs ever made, lyrically and all. It struck such a strong meaning to me. I don't really want to get into it but I was going through a really rough patch at a point in my life and I found this song hanging around and I found it and listened to it by accident and 2pac just sang everything I felt. So it has a really deep connection with me (wow that didn't sound corny at all). He must have wrote that song to a certain someone, he wanted that person to listen to that song and just ask that person Don't you trust me?

Don't you trust me?

10/10 Mr Shakur